Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile
Based on its strong planning and architect capability, RealiD provides planning, development and supply of web service specifically focused on cloud/social domain.

Real iD Ltd.
2F Ichigaya Green Plaza, 3-4-2 Ichigayasadohara town 3-4-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0842, Japan

Phone +81 3 3267 6550
FAX +81 3 6673 4801
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Establishment February, 2009

Business Domain
Web service / Facebook planning and operational support that is specialized in the social and cloud service
Application development / web system planning and development, EC2 construction advisory / AWS, Cloudimplementation support

President Koichi Suzuki
Director Ryoma Kitamura
Adviser Sanefumi Shoji (Enlight Capital LLC)

Amazon Web Services Partner Network

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