Social Dyne

"Social Dyne" is a cloud-based content managementsystem
"Social Dyne" is a cloud-based content managementsystem that centrally collects tenants' postings andoutgoing marketing messages and distributes them to a variety of media including the Web, SNS, digital signageboards, smartphone applications, etc.

About "Social Dyne"
Utilizing Social Dyne, a commercial facility operator can manage a series of marketing information from a number of tenants such as the notice of time-sale, to various mediaincluding SNS, the Web, digital signage boards,smartphone applications


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Main Functions

  1. Clommercial Facilities General shopping malls, outlets, station malls

  2. Retail Apparel Brands Extensive chain stores

  3. Restaurants / Franchised retail chains Drug stores, fast foods, family restaurants

  4. Service outlets Ticket shops, print-out services, car-sharing, real estates

  5. Travel industry Hotels, transportation, airlines

For content management post
Output of contents includes a variety of forms includingsmartphone applications, the Web, SNS, blog and digital signage boards.
Each tenant can use a number of devices to post messagessuch as smartphones (iPhone / Android), tablets and PCs.
Social Dyne possesses contents review function and only the information that the administrator approved can be delivered communicated through media.

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